An Ode to Bob Dylan and Alan Price

Watched and enjoyed D.A. Pennebaker’s classic documentary “Dont Look Back” (sic) chronicling Bob Dylan’s 1965 tour of the UK. I was delighted to be reminded of the key part that British rocker Alan Price, ex of The Animals, played in the film. In Price’s honor, today I’m listening to my treasured old LP of his soundtrack to the Lindsay Anderson-Malcolm McDowell film (co-starring Ralph Richardson and Helen Mirren) O Lucky Man!, w/great lyrics like these:

If you have a friend on whom you think
you can rely – You are a lucky man!
If you’ve found the reason to live on and
not to die – You are a lucky man!
Preachers and poets and scholars don’t know it,
Temples and statues and steeples won’t show it,
If you’ve got the secret just try not to blow
it – Stay a lucky man!
If you’ve found the meaning of the truth
in this old world- You are a lucky man!
If knowledge hangs around your neck like
pearls instead of chains – You are a lucky man!
Takers and fakers and talkers won’t tell you.
Teachers and preachers will just buy and sell you.
When no one can tempt you with heaven or hell-
You’ll be a lucky man!

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