A Saturday Neighborhood Political Rally

Tweeted this out a few minutes ago.

“Was just at the off’cl opening of the Manhattan Upper West Side #Obama2012 Victory HQ. Local pols Stringer&Inez D. + nabes came to cheer.”

After the exhortatory appeals to work and volunteer to phone bank, to go on bus and field trips to Staten Island, Beacon, NY, up the Hudson a bit, and to Elkins Park, PA, I walked around inside the bright, new office, and met a few people. It’s on the west side of B’way, bet. 102nd St and 103rd, not even a full crosstown block from my home. I made calls to swing states in 2008, and with a month to go before Election Day, I’m about to start again. Now, with the office so close to home, I can go there too!

I didn’t happen to have my camera with me, or I would have illustrated that tweet, and this post on it. As ever, thanks for reading my blog.

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