Dumbest, Funniest Thing I Read this Week

Roscoe Bartlett is an 86-year old Repub congressmen, a kind of buffoon, given to outrageous, often incoherent, statements. Somehow, he’s a 10-term incumbent, reliably  embraced by conservative voters in a district that’s been redrawn to favor a Democrat challenger.  And it is looking as if he will lose his western Maryland seat and not make it to an 11th term. Especially with howlers such as his latest, as reported in the Washington Post:

“This isn’t the politically correct thing to say, but when we drove the mother out of the home into the workplace and replaced her with the television set, that was not a good thing.”

Insane though these out-of-touch remarks are–supposedly having something to do with married women working outside the home–I laughed at the non sequiturs this unabashed Tea Partier managed to toss in to such a brief statement. I’m hopeful he’ll be replaced soon by a DEM.

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