Mitt’s Biggest Pander Yet

I’ve noticed of course that Mitt Romney will do virtually anything to get a vote, but I didn’t quite understand how far he’s willing to push the envelope until I saw this picture. Evidently, he donned a green yarmulke, or skullcap, at this recent event with voters. These exercised citizens don’t look like they’re part of an orthodox Jewish congregation, so it may have been a very pious, ecumenical crowd. Of course, popes also wears yarmulkes, so he may have also been trying to ramp up his appeal to Catholic voters. Note the rakish tilt at which Mitt’s wearing his yarmulke, conveying a pious image coupled with an insouciant flair.

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  1. Fred says:

    Phil. I missed that one, but it reminded me of Dancing’ Rick Perry’s “Black Hat” nosing with the Ultras, which in turn reminded of Bush Jr.trying not to look too stiff boogieing on his African trip while he was still “serving” as Prez.


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