Prizing Great Journalism with the Sidney Hillman Foundation May 1

I look forward to attending the 2012 Sidney Hillman Foundation Prize reception at the New York Times Center on May 1, and am pleased that friend and fellow blogger Tom Watson of has invited me and other bloggers as a special contingent for the evening. Among the honorees that night will be the amazing Ta-Nehisi Coates who writes and publishes great blog essays at the Atlantic, ColorLines: News for Action who will be recognized for their report, Thousands of Kids Lost From Parents In U.S. Deportation System, and Frank Bardacke, author of  of the current book Trampling Out the Vintage: Cesar Chavez and the Two Souls of the United Farm Workers from Verso Books.

The Sidney Hillman Foundation “honors excellence in journalism in service of the common good.” Their “awards and programs honor the legacy and vision of union pioneer and New Deal architect Sidney Hillman.” It should be an inspiring occasion.



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