Under Will Storr’s Microscope–David Irving, Still Denying the Holocaust

Although David Irving has continually lost in the courts of countries where denying the Holocaust is a crime, he keeps at it. As documented in an article now behind the Sunday Times of London’s paywall, which I read about last weekend in a tweet from UK journalism prof Emily Bell, reporter Will Storr traveled with Irving to former concentration camps where the disgraced historian preached his gospel to true believers that masses of Jews and other minorities were not annihilated during WWII. Storr’s forthcoming book, Heretics: Adventures with the Enemies of Science, will be published in the UK soon. His journalistic enterprise seems reminiscent of the work of Jon Ronson, author of several engrossing books including Them: Adventures with Extremists and The Psychopath Test. Ronson is an affable traveler who is able to ingratiate himself with fringe characters, hang out with them, and plumb the depths of their irrationality.

Do you have favorite authors in the States engaged in reporting like that of these two British authors? Chuck Palahniuk? Any others?

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  1. Joe Rizoli says:

    I hope this book takes in the real time it takes to cremate a body because the holocaust nonsense falls apart because of that. The holocaust numbers are impossible.
    Even the ace in the hole , Commandment Hoss, it all falls apart when you take in real time cremation. Keep dreaming people.

    • Philip Turner says:

      I will have a copy of the book in a week or two, and will write about it again here on my blog. Thanks for your comment, and please visit again.


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