Lee Child Announces Next Jack Reacher Novel: PERSONAL

As readers of this blog may recall from previous posts, I love Lee Child’s books, so I was excited to see this announcement on Twitter today: New Jack Reacher novel, PERSONAL
I love the title on this, because if you’ve read a Jack Reacher novel, you know that from injustices inflicted on others to antagonists trying to hurt him or push him off a case, he takes things personally. And yet,  he does it without ever losing his enormously capable ways and impressive self-possession. Last October I had the good fortune to meet Lee Child at a book party celebrating Valerie Plame’s novel Blowback . Here’s a shot of Valerie signing her book for Child.Lee Child, Valerie Plame

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  1. Beverly A. Gibson says:

    I love Lee Childs series of Jack Reacher books. I have read, and reread most of them. When is the ext Jack Reacher movie ?

    • Philip Turner says:

      Dear Beverly, thanks for visiting my blog. Glad to know you also enjoy the Reacher books. I’m about to begin one I just got, Never Go Back. I don’t know anything about plans for more movie adaptations of his books. You can follow him on Twitter @LeeChildReacher.


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