#Fridayreads/Jan. 20

#fridayreads Finished THEM: Adventures w/Extremists by @jonronson–wow, weird characters, affable narrator. Started EX LIBRIS, Ross King’s novel told by 1600s London bookseller. Vivid portrait of the city and the book trade, w/mystery hovering.

#Fridayreads/Dec. 9

#fridayreads Margaret Atwood’s essay ‘Writing Utopia,’ from ‘Writing with Intent,’ a book I published with her in 2005. Apropos of her new book re: speculative fiction. Also: ‘The Ragman’s Memory,’ a Joe Gunther mystery by Archer Mayor.

#Fridayreads/Nov. 25

#fridayreads Finished ‘The Whore of Akron,’ @scottraab64’s gonzo fete of Cleveland sports history. This old Clevelander loved the fierce takedown of Lebron and Raab’s scalding humor.

#fridayreads/Oct. 28

I really enjoy posting each week in #fridayreads what my current fave book is. For this week it’s ‘Darker Than Amber,’ a 1966 Travis McGee suspenser by John D. MacDonald. Great series, great character. Also enjoying finding new virtual friends at McGee fan site: