Day #1 Book Expo America Photos

Written posts to follow later in the week, meantime here are Day #1 photos from BEA and the Javits Center, taken by Kyle Gallup, captions to follow later.Captions written and inserted.

Now we’re rushing off to Day #2!

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  1. Adelina says:


    David Godine Press. Wendy Strothham, worked for the Press for many years. Wendy was a Brown grad. Thanks for the lovely photos.


  2. Monica says:

    Phil I am so happy to hear that! I found your blog about a year ago and it was a big part in helping my hubnasd and I decide to furiously hunt for jobs there! I grew up in an extremely rural, isolated area which he loves, and we both love the arctic. Sadly we have not yet found work there and are thus still stuck in Montreal, but we are plugging away and hope to be there soon! I am so happy I’ll have more of your great pictures to inspire us. Oh and when we get there, you two can hang out, he’s a francophone I can speak French but can’t write, so we can all hang out hahaha


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