A Radio Pioneer Passes

Radio, among all the media I engage with, remains for me the inexhaustible medium. I never tire of its universe of possibility. That’s why I found this obit of radio pioneer Norman Corwin so interesting. He’s quoted in this NY Times obit: “’In radio there was never a term equivalent to boob tube or couch […]

#fridayreads/Oct. 28

I really enjoy posting each week in #fridayreads what my current fave book is. For this week it’s ‘Darker Than Amber,’ a 1966 Travis McGee suspenser by John D. MacDonald. Great series, great character. Also enjoying finding new virtual friends at McGee fan site: http://drmar120.wordpress.com

Things (not) to Fear

A laugh from McSweeney’s by Sean Carman. Why Canada is in a position to take over the US. Be afraid, be very afraid. http://chzb.gr/u1DRpM

Seasonal thoughts

I was struck how the snowstorm arrived less than 12 hrs after the World Series ended. I imagine this occurred to someone beside me today. I’m reminded also that earlier this fall, the weather turned crisp as soon as Labor Day had passed.  I don’t believe in nature as mechanism, nor for the most part […]