Of Libraries & Ladders

I loved when the City section used to be part of the New York Times each Sunday. The Sunday paper hasn’t been as enjoyable since the section was killed in 2009. I have browser bookmarks and actual clippings of some of my fave articles from the old section. One was this 2008 article on the […]

Hitchens’ Book of Mormon-ism

Excellent Slate article by Christopher Hitchens on Mormonism, its core beliefs, and how it should be discussed in the context of the presidential campaign. Hitch’s piece includes a reference to a terrific book I republished in 1995, by Facebook friend Alex Shoumatoff. It’s his superb study of human kinship and genealogy, The Mountain of Names. […]

Did You Own the AR-1 Speakers?

Fascinating NY Times obit of the man whose inventing led to modern hi-fi speakers, the Acoustic Research make, and KLH. I had both brands back in the day, and loved them. In the classic Travis McGee suspense novels by John D. MacDonald, Trav is always cranking up his AR-1s on his houseboat to enjoy some […]

A Radio Pioneer Passes

Radio, among all the media I engage with, remains for me the inexhaustible medium. I never tire of its universe of possibility. That’s why I found this obit of radio pioneer Norman Corwin so interesting. He’s quoted in this NY Times obit: “’In radio there was never a term equivalent to boob tube or couch […]

Seasonal thoughts

I was struck how the snowstorm arrived less than 12 hrs after the World Series ended. I imagine this occurred to someone beside me today. I’m reminded also that earlier this fall, the weather turned crisp as soon as Labor Day had passed.  I don’t believe in nature as mechanism, nor for the most part […]